Individual and family tours for Ukrainian and foreign tourists.

      The tourist cluster “The South Tourist Circle” was founded on December,27,.2004 with the aim of the promotion of active tourism development in the cities-founders of the cluster, the creation of the common tourist rout along the South Tourist circle – the cities of Voznesensk, Belgorod-Dnestrovsky, Ilyichevsk, Juzhny, Tsurupinsk, Golaya Pristan, Pervomaysk, Izmail, Alupka, Novaya Odessa; the organization of exhibitions, conferences, fairs in the cities-founders, the promotion of tourist business and the attraction of tourists.
      The representative of the cluster in Voznesensk is the tourist agency “Voyage” which has been in the tourist business since 2003, taking care of the city visitors.
      Voznesensk was founded in 1795 according to the order of the Empress Catherine the Second. The city is situated in the centre of Nikolayev region. It is rich in historical events, monuments and talented creative people. Here is the birthplace of the famous artist-graphic academician Yevgen Kibrik. Voznesensk is proud to have one of the five graphics museums in the world.
      The name of the legendary Odessa gangster Mishka Yaponchik (Mike-the-Japanese) is also connected with the city – he was shot and buried on the frontier of Voznesensk.
       The city is on the reserved lands. There is the State Landscape Nature Park “The Granite-Steppe Pobuzhe” on the territory of the region. It is one of the oldest Eurasian plots of dry land. This place hasn’t been plunged into the sea depth during 60 million years. Hence, there are a considerable number of unique objects of live nature. About 900 species of plants form the local flora, 26 of those are put into the Red Book of Ukraine and 4 of them are in the European Red List.
       The real pearl of the reservation is the Aktovski Canyon which is also called the Small Crimea. It is a unique natural complex of wood and water ecological systems together with the complex of rocks, granite boulders and groves. The Canyon is a downfall in the vast steppe, the granite crack in the crystal shield on the bottom of which there flows sparkling the Scythian sacred river Exampey. The local dwellers call it Mertvovod (the Dead Water).It’s this modest river that created this unique canyon with its current. It flows through the steppe hardly noticed and the farther it is from its mouth, the deeper it carves into the banks revealing granite. The shell of the sedimentary rock cracks and the ancient crystal layer comes out.
      And then you can admire a wonderful picture: the canyon appears in the steppe like after a sudden earthquake, a stone water course created by the river that thousand years has been polishing the quartz conglomerate. The steep monolith cliffs are turned into the closed stone space by the course of the river. The depth of the abyss reaches 30-50 meters.
      The quiet untouched by the civilization places are inhabited by wild geese, teals. The grey herons feed here too and on the rocks one can see a nest of the steppe eagle.
After the excursion on the canyon, it such a pleasure to have a restful picnic in
the wood tranquility of “ the Labyrinth” – the forest that was planted by the count Victor Skarzhinsky in 1825. And then one might swim in the Balastne Lake – a unique place created by the nature and man. One side of the lake has high steep banks covered with pine-trees, the other has quiet places for relaxation and fishing and there are nice sandy beaches. Tourists are waited here with chelogach, kebab and wine tasting.
       There is a café near the lake.
We offer to your kind attention the programmes of ecological tours developed by our team or on your request. The transportation to the sights can be carried by modern buses “Neoplan” type, minibuses,etc.
The Land of Voznesensk with its bright picturesque scenery and landscapes, forests, blue rivers and lakes will imbue you with the most unforgettable feelings, sprightliness and health.

Contact us:
“The South Tourist Circle” tourist cluster
Ukraine, 56500, Nikolayev reg., Voznesensk
22 A, Kirov Str
Fedorov Vasily Michailovich, manager
The representative of the cluster in Voznesensk
The Tourist Agency “Voyage”
Ukraine, 56500, Nikolayev reg., Voznesensk
22 A, Kirov Str.,
Tel. +38(05134)32284
Mob. 8 066 6434747
Fedorova Valentina Moiseevna, private enterpriser.

Individual and family tours for Ukrainian and foreign tourists.

Place of meeting – bus station or railway station, could be nearest airport (additional coordination).
Living – cities hotels or private houses.
Food – cafes, restaurants or home cooking in case of living in private houses (depends of preliminary tour program).
Transport – own transport (which was using to come to Voznesensk) or car rent organized by travel agency.
Language available – Ukrainian, Russian, English (with translator for additional pay).

Tour program which are recommended.
(changes are available according to preliminary coordination with travel agency).

  • Day 1st – reception, settling, program refinement.
    Voznesensk excursion tour (historical and architectural monument of Ukraine – Rotunda was built in 1837; museum of graphic artist E.A. Kibrik, local history museum, cultural exhibition center “Rainbow”, Voznesensk market).
  • Day 2nd – excursion tour around national park Bugskiy Gard – Arbuzinka River’s Canyon (Devil’s Valley), Earl Skarzhinskiy’s Forest, picnic in the forest, Ballastnoe Lake, outskirts of river Pivdenniy Buh. Picnic on Lake Ballastnoe (barbeque, cooked on an open fire) with Zeleniy Hay wine sampling.
  • Day 3rd – excursion trip to Odessa or Mykolayv (depends on your wish). Back to Voznesensk for dinner.
  • Day 4th – excursion to missile troops museum (City of Pervomaisk), canyons of river Pivdenniy Buh near village Migiya, rafting.
    Lunch outdoors.
    Back to Voznesensk for dinner.
  • Day 5th – tour “Sacral ways of skiffs” at the Mertvovod River Canyon (Small Crimea). Walking along the canyon – 5-hours crossing with lunch outdoors. Moving to Lake Ballastnoe – picnic with vegetables and wine.
  • Day 6th – excursion to Yuzhnoukrainsk. Nuclear station. Tashlikskiy storage plant on the river Chorniy Tashlik, Bugskiy Gard island (administrative center of Bugski Cossacks), Pivdenniy Buh River canyons.
    Moving to Yuzhnoukrainsk for lunch.
    Back to Voznesensk for dinner.
  • Day 7th – Depart and moving home.

After final approval of the program the costs for the tour will calculate. And after all cost are agreed, the advance payment should be not less than 50% and no later than 7 calendar days before the beginning of the program.

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